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The detective always stood out as one of the best in the National City police department, her job was to detect and she was excellent at it. However, she never believed that Kara Danvers could keep such a big secret, the sister of her girlfriend could not keep a secret even if hier life depended on it or that was what she believed until a few moments ago.

The game nightsthe affection, that special care, the worry, the crying, everything finally made sense, it was in front of their noses and Alex did not even suspect it because both were in their bubble of love, in the preparations to give one of the most important steps in their lives.

Today was an ordinary day for the detective, she decided to visit her wife at work but there was a new threat that wanted to take National City for a change and all the agents of the DEO were meeting with Supergirl to take the necessary measures and counteract what was happening. J'onn ran the meeting and proposed a plan to follow, but what caught her attention was Supergirl or rather Kara because her body was present but it was obvious that her head was elsewhere, all she did was nod and agree with everything they proposed, which is not characteristic of the little Danvers, maybe she was on a bad day so Maggie let it go and preferred not to comment.

Their best weapon is its technology - says J'onn - the best way to take them down is to create some type of device or weapon that disables its main source of power, for that we need you Winn. Great - says the boy- but I'm going to need help if we want to end this as soon as possible, it's way more complicated than it seems. We could call Lena Luthor- suggests Alex and Kara comes back to her sense and hears that name again- your intellect combined with your intelligence are our best weapon, Lena has already collaborated with us before and her help could do us good.

As soon as Kara heard Lena's name, her eyes changed, her cheekbones reddened and although it was minimal, Maggie could see how her eyes began to water down in an internal fight where she wanted to avoid spilling her tears at all costs, which was something very curious because Maggie had never seen either Kara or Supergirl react like that to the name of the little Luthor. Kara swallows her pain so the moment goes unnoticed by others. Kara hesitates before answering, but Maggie saves her from any responsibility thinking it was a better option.

Do not worry, I'm going - Maggie offers- you can continue planning another strategy to stop this as soon as possible. Maggie, what a pleasure to have you here -Lena says with a small smile and gets up to give a short hug to the detective who little by little has become a friend, all thanks to Kara and her determination to help her make more friends and get to know better all the people around her.

The miracles that you don't do - says the detective with a smile - actually I came here because we need your help with a new alien threat, your expertise is required little Luthor, you know that you and Winn are the perfect mix for this kind of problems.

Of course, there's no problem - says Lena and suddenly she is interrupted by Jess, her assistant, who arrived with an immense bouquet of flowers, as soon as she saw them, she knew who was sending them. Jess, not now -says Lena in a choked voice to Maggie's curiosity because as far as she knew Lena was a single woman and at the moment she was not dating anyone.

But the bouquet is beautiful, Miss Luthor- insists Jess because it was the only true love story she knew and she did not want it to end like this- I think the person who sent it wanted you to read this note.

I already told you not Jess! I'll wait for you downstairs- Maggie says, sheleaves the office and notices that Jess still has the bouquet on her desk hoping that Lena will see it and be moved, the detective says goodbye and takes the opportunity to discreetly read the card in the bouquet.

At the end of the night everything goes well and everyone can rest for one more day. Thank you, your help was fundamental to the success of this mission - says J'onn with a mini smile. There is no problem - says Alex, it seemed a little curious that her wife had offered to take Lena but it was a nice gesture for someone who had helped them a lot.

I can take you home faster - Supergirl intervenes, she sees an opportunity to talk to Lena alone - it'ss the least I can do after all. As you - says Supergirl, she will have won the battle against the aliens, but apparently with Lena she did nothing but lose. Maggie watched in amazement as this only confirmed another of her suspicions Lena knew that Supergirl and Kara were the same person. I think I was quite clear when I told you that we have nothing to talk about -says Lena, feeling her presence.

Just give me a chance, My Love, I can't live without you- says Kara- we were so happy until I told you and now being Supergirl has lost its meaning, I feel incomplete without you. I wanted to give you some space, but this is torture- says Supergirl- I know that I should have been honest from the beginning, but I just wanted to protect you, I want to spend the rest of my life by your side, I know that we need to make an effort to return to the point where we were, I'll do whatever for you.

When a few days ago, you were the best in life, the person to whom I entrusted all my fears and weaknesses, the love of life- Lena ends- but all that changed. No- says Kara- do not lie to me, I can hear how your heart beats for me, just like mine, I recognize every detail of your body because I am the only one who knows it as well as you do, you are more than my girlfriend, you are the woman I love, with whom I want to have a family, you make me happy and I will not give up until you forgive me.

I love you- Kara says when she has her face to face and descends little by little until Lena sees Supergirl on her knees in front of her.

You were the one who got on your knees the first time, this time I do it so you can forgive me and give our love another chance. Kara has an internal struggle because she wants to go after her, but she will not overlook what she has just asked for. With great effort she gets up and flies to her apartment.

Meanwhile Lena watches her room and that bed where she can't sleep since the last time she made love with Kara.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Kara- says Maggie and despite not being the one the blonde expected, she does not hesitate to give her sister-in-law a hug. Are you eating vegan ice cream? Sleeping at home like any normal person would do-says the detective- I ran away, thank God my wife had a long day, she is sleeping like a baby and did not notice it. I know you have or had a relationship with Lena - says Maggie bluntly and before Kara can say anything else - don't try to deny it just by looking at you today I noticed, I do not know why I did not see what was in front of my eyes.

Kara does not deny it, she only breathes deeply and says - please do not tell anyone, this is something between her and me.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. Kara is sent to interview Lena and comes to a realization. Lena is definitely a major part of said realization. Lena Luthor's got a game changing secret, and she's been keeping it her whole life, so far as the Luthors are concerned. There are scenes of Lena and Alex bonding, as well as Maggie and Kara.

There are some Original Female Characters who carry chapters while interacting with the main cast. Though focus never really deviates from the dynamics I mentioned above. Worried about ulterior motives, Kara's first journalism assignment brings her back to L-Corp to figure out whether Lena is in fact friend or foe When Kara admitted that she was jealous of James and Lucy They had someone to come home to, to kiss, to hold To love.

Kara's only family, blood related family, is in a coma or floating off in dark space. And seeing what Lena Luthor was going through felt like an out of body experience, as if she were just replaying her own life in just 48 hours.

She's never felt more alone in her life, and it's almost mind consuming. That is until Supergirl is invited by Lena Luthor herself to dinner as a 'Thank You' for saving her life, and unknowingly saving Kara's in the process. Prompt from borgzimoff : Alex finds out Kara and Lena are dating and being the overprotective big sister she is, heads to Lena's office to have a chat with her about it.

But Lena is crying to Supergirl save Kara Danvers and bring the girl to her? Kara will tell her secret or ask an Martian help? Prompt from anonymous: Can you do a fic that kara and lena are dating but they haven't told anyone and they get caught kissing or something. Kara is worried about Lena after the second assassination attempt so she decides to watch over the CEO all through the night outside of her penthouse.

Bam Kara has two ladies fighting over her while she is just oblivious to everything. Bonus points if you can fit Alex into all of this. A surreal experience forces the two ladies to stick together while they figure out a way to break free from their predicament. A little one shot I came up with last night Kara's apartment was targeted by Lex Luthor, Lena, saved by Supergirl, fears her girlfriend may be dead It's no secret that Kara loves Christmas.Hey guys! December holidays are coming up soon and sometimes some of us just needs the chance to spread the holiday cheer because we just have too much love to give.

Just that. The info would be emailed to you as well. So if enough people sign up, you guys might get about cards. If you have any worries about your name or address being seen by others, only the moderators of the event would see them. They will also be deleted afterwards. If you have any questions, please message chuck-help-us. Original Post. Lena Luthor has friends - Harry and Joe - that fear for her sanity, after all, what other 24 year old spends their Friday in the office writing reports?

They take it upon themselves to show Lena a fun time and end up taking her to a Strip Club for the elite batchelors of National City.

Lena, keen to hate it soon finds a reason to be thankful for her friends dragging her out. A reason that is currently dancing around a pole on stage in a red cape.

The one where Lena gets dragged to a Strip Club and Kara is the beautiful Stripper working her way through college. And then everything escalated. Kara adjusting to Earth, her awkward first days of high school, starting to make friends, getting to know her family, and learning to control her powers.

Taking a job at the nearby Luthor ranch she finds a safe haven from the loud, chaotic days at school. Warning: Implied GP! Kara fic. Read it on FF.

Until then…goodbye, Lena. The Earth thwarted the invasion and now has decided to sell the remaining aliens to the highest bidder. Tagged under FF. It ranged from something simple like losing her favorite pen to a dire possibility of failing National City, yet as of recent there was another addition to her list — Lena Luthor. KaraFrustratingly Understanding!

Supergirl Holiday Card Exchange Hey guys! Complete the simple survey above, and you will receive the names and addresses of a few fellow Supergirl fans. You will then be able to get a card or make a card, and maybe even write a fic or create a drawing for your recipients.

Or The one where Lena gets dragged to a Strip Club and Kara is the beautiful Stripper working her way through college. Who Would Have Thought? Or Lena totally called a stripper to her house and got caught. What if Supergirl became super in high school? This revelation builds their trust and friendship as they become entangled in the schemes of Project Cadmus and uncover a larger threat to National City and the world.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply".

supercorp secret relationship fanfic

Kara wakes up in some stranger's bed. It's okay, she's got used to it for now. She doesn't know for first that she is in an other universe. She will find out of course, when the woman who looks like her beloved Lena, starts so yell at her because they are actually strangers to each other, and Kara was in her bed Yeah, but you will understand it soon. Kara was so mesmerized her brain kind of forgot how to make a phrase or a somewhat acceptable greeting so she just stood in silence for a few seconds.

AKA Kara is cooking, Lena smells it all the way to her apartment and goes to ask her neighbor for some food because pregnancycraves. Kara and Lena have been married for a few years and decide to expand their family. This story chronicles the life of the Luthor-Danvers family as Kara and Lena embark on the journey of motherhood together.

Will probably have some background chapters about their relationship added, too. The Commander came from the future to save Lena Luthor from dying on May While Kara's friends say she can't keep a secret, she rolls her eyes. They don't know she is keeping a big secret from them.

She's married the love of her life, Lena Luthor. They had a plan to tell both of their families about the marriage, but when Lex raged out, they decided to stay in the shadows. But will Cat Grant telling Kara should go for Jimmy, and Winn kissed her, she is thinking they should tell the world about their marriage?

supercorp secret relationship fanfic

When they video chat about it, Lena tells her to wait, because she's coming to National City. Lena is hiding another secret of her known, she pregnant with Kara Zor-El's second child.

With the problems along the way will their love be found out or will hearts break it? Alex and Lena have been married for two months. This is their journey as a newly married couple and eventually to having a child.

There are a few bumps along the road, but don't worry because Agentcorp always come out stronger. Note: Like with the previous story there will be warnings for Explicit content for people who prefer to skip that. Kara and Lena accidently enters a portal that leads them to Bright Moon.

They are stuck there for awhile, and during that time they become friends with Catra and Adora, whom are adults now and a couple. After time passas, a new portal appears and they enter it. It leads them to Republic City, where Korra the Avatar lives. Kara and Korra become friends immediately. After spending a few days there, another portal shows up again, and they decide to go into it. They all go on an adventure. They don't know that the planed that they reached with the portal, is undiscovered.

A planet where they can live without danger, peacefully. And that's when Kara says : "I had this idea, what if we have kids here, and then they can rule this world.Coming in through the glass slider wearing a one piece bathing suit and with a towel wrapped around her waist, Kara made her way to the kitchen in Lena's house.

In a wheelchair, Lena sat at the cutout portion of her kitchen island. She was slicing pieces of melon up and putting them in a bowl. Lena allowed her gaze to travel up and down Kara's form, giving special attention to the fit upper arms that were clearly exposed. Placing the knife on the table, she replied, "Yes, rather. You're a household accident waiting to happen. I thought you had to head into work this morning. Shaking her head, Kara said, "She's in her room reading. I can hear her.

I'm being careful. Kara smiled. What is she actually doing here besides being grossly overpaid? She's making a ton, isn't she?

Dropped her pizza bone into the box, Kara said, "You're kidding me! Why is the board making you have a nurse? Lena shrugged. Until I'm cleared to go back to work, I need to have a nurse on hand full time. Oh, don't look so upset, Kara.

So long as you're living here, you're eating for free. A piece of chicken in hand, Kara pointed with it and said, "That's true.

Supergirl - 3x12 Kara risks her identity as Supergirl to save Lena

I bet you spend more on my food in a month than she makes in a month. Chewing the last of the chicken off the bone, Kara shook her head. Swallowing she said, "Probably not. I have a friend in town, and I haven't seen her in like a year.

That is, unless you want me home for lunch. Do you? Just let me know if you'll miss dinner, and I'll call Jess and see if she can meet me here. She deposited the box into the trash, doing the same with the chicken box as she took the last piece of the chicken and ate it quickly.

Of course, there could always be an emergency so…" Kara shrugged. With a small smile, Lena replied, "I wouldn't change a thing about you. Is Kalia still in her room? Tossing the chicken bone into the trash, Kara was suddenly on Lena's side and kneeling. Seconds later, when the kiss broke, Kara said, "You know, maybe I don't have to go to work today. When it finally ended she pushed Kara back, using her thumb to wipe along her lower lip and smiled as she watched the blonde's reaction.

Lena chuckled. You go do whatever it is that you do with your secret organization.Sometimes Kara Danvers absolutely hated being Supergirl. Ultimately, she would always love the feeling of saving people with her powers. She loved being able to help people. And of course, one would have to escape during her date.

Kara had apologized profusely to Lena for having to leave. I… just. My sister is going through a rough patch. I promise I'll make it up to you? She made Alex at least let her have two minutes to make up a good excuse.

Lena, to her credit, just gave Kara that wide smile that always made the Kryptonian's stomach flutter and heart beat increase. It's alright. I understand. You're a good sister. We'll continue this later? Kara would never get used to kissing Lena Luthor. But maybe that was a good thing. Kara pulled away because she knew if she pushed it any further, Alex was going to kill her for being late. And possibly letting the escapee get away. Besides, the sooner she took care of this, the sooner she'd be able to talk to Lena again.

On her way out of the building, she heard Lena whisper to herself, "I hope she's okay. It only took Kara, with the help of the DEO, a couple of hours to apprehend and lock up the escaped alien. Once everything had been secured, Kara was in a hurry to rush off. Alex gave her superpowered sister a knowing look. Kara just rolled her eyes and groaned.

Truth be told, she really hoped that the two would eventually take that step. Into labeling their relationship. But for now, Kara knew it would be difficult. Kara was keeping half her life from the CEO. And that wasn't conducive to a healthy relationship. It wasn't that she didn't trust Lena.

She trusted her with her life. But Kara had no idea how to approach it. And if she was honest, she was worried it would affect how Lena saw her. She knew that Lena wasn't as anti-alien as her family; mostly her brother Lex.

supercorp secret relationship fanfic

But Kara couldn't get the alien detecting device out of her mind. It was unfair of her to judge Lena on the gadget, though. After a long talk with Alex, she came to understand Lena's point of view.Actually, that's not true, because I have the second part already written. Once this idea got in my head and I started writing, I couldn't stop Supergirl had arrived before any of them got hands on Lena, but her place had been effectively trashed and blood had been spilled.

Kara paused when she didn't receive a reply, head tilting slightly to the side as she took another step closer. Kara raised her eyebrows and Lena dipped her head again. A moment passed before she looked up, eyes meeting Kara's concerned glance.

Her skin was a shade paler than usual, eyes glazed, and a slight wince on her lips at each movement that was a little too quick or a little too hard. Lena shrugged. A multitude of symptoms had descended on this morning and she could feel it get progressively worse as minutes ticked away. The brunette shook her head and it magnified the pounding, she closed her eyes again as dizziness fell over her.

Reluctantly, Lena dropped her head into one hand and clutched the edge of her desk with the other until her knuckles turned white. Lena was used to managing; used to taking care of herself.

supercorp secret relationship fanfic

Her greatest coping mechanism, even as a child, was simply to power through and push forward on her own. You always look great, but-" Kara paused and looked upward, blowing a puff of air at the hair loose from her bun. Despite the chills sending shivers through her frame and the ache radiating through her body, a small grin slipped across Lena's cheeks at Kara's flustered attempts to find the right words.

Lena nodded, wobbling as she rose to gather her things. Kara stood to the side, wanting to hold Lena up, but unsure of how the woman would respond. No one should be in a hotel when they're sick, and my place is in good condition. I just cleaned it yesterday.

It wasn't that Kara liked leaving things messy, it's just that between reporting and superhero-ing, things sometimes got a little out of hand; and Alex really didn't have that much room to talk. It wasn't like her fridge had seen real food in days considering how much time the agent was spending at the DEO.

The brunette gave a halfhearted laugh. Kara registered the pain lacing the noise, sending worry spiking through her body.

Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, she wasn't quite surethe Kryptonian's human sickness gage was not well refined.

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